The Rolling Donut

“Focus on one product and make it great. It’s the key to success. ”

Is there anything more tempting than a fresh batch of homemade donuts? There is something to be said about that sweet aroma that stimulates the senses and has you sighing with satisfaction after one breath. The Irish fondness for these deliciously sugary snacks all began with the original purveyor of the street side donuts – “The Rolling Donut”.

The Rolling Donut, 34 Bachelor’s Walk, Dublin

This family owned business was founded by her father, Michael, in the 1978. After a trip to London, Michael was so inspired by the glorious donuts that were on offer that he decided to bring these mouth-watering treats to Ireland. He made the traditional ring donuts by hand and began trading at the Dandelion Market and then started “rolling” into festivals, concerts and farmers markets, hence the name – “The Rolling Donut”. Michael left his job as an auctioneer and opened up a kiosk on O’Connell Street that continues to sell warm sugar dusted donuts to loving customers 40 years later.

The Rolling Donut Kiosk, O’Connell Street Lower, Dublin

Michael’s daughters Lisa and Aimee grew up surrounded by donuts and learned all the tricks of the trade from their Dad. After years of travelling and realisation of the global appreciation for the humble donut, Lisa knew that it was time to develop the brand. She worked in the family kiosk for a year until last May 2016 when she decided to board the gourmet donut train and set up an artisan shop on Bachelor’s Walk. Lisa and her trusted baker Kamil began experimenting with donut mixes until they found the perfect blend – sourdough! They now have their own bakery where every element is produced in house daily using high-end ingredients to add depth and flavour to the recipes.

Lisa, owner of The Rolling Donut

Nine months later and the donut craze is spreading like wildfire! Lisa witnessed her fresh gourmet donuts flying out of the shop within hours and so she opened another shop on South King’s Street to provide individuals with delicious sugary snacks any time of the day! The thought behind The Rolling Donut – “Focus on one product and make it great. I think it’s the key to success.”

Lisa at The Rolling Donut, South King Street, Dublin

The Food

The donuts are soft, round pillows of sourdough topped with freshly made glazes and luxurious fillings. Each pastry is light, has a subtle sour tang, and a slight crispiness that leads to softness underneath. The dough is an ideal canvas for endless flavour and colour combinations including the Dublin-themed donuts such as “The Dub” and “The Molly Malone”. Recently, The Rolling Donut also introduced vegan items to their menu!

Sourdough donuts
Vegan Donuts

 Lisa’s Recommendations:

  • Pistachio Salted Caramel – Home made salted caramel with a sprinkle of pistachio
  • Banoffee Pie – Banana cream filling with a chocolate and caramel glaze and biscuit crumble
  • The Dub – Chocolate ganache coating with a vanilla custard cream filling
  • Molly Malone – Apple and cinnamon filling topped with a vanilla glaze and biscuit crumble
  • Baileys Bliss – Baileys infused cream filling with a rich vanilla glaze
  • Rosey Lee – Soft pink sourdough base covered in a silky smooth chocolate ganache topped with red velvet soil.
Rosey Lee, Banoffee Pie & Pistachio Salted Caramel

The ring donuts from the kiosk have three flavours: sugar, chocolate and sugar cinnamon. It’s essential to stay true to the classics! Lisa hopes to continue to innovate and ensure her donuts are the best out there. After all, “The Rolling Donut is an extension of Dad’s legacy”.

Pistachio Salted Caramel
Banoffee Pie
Banana Cream Filling
Rosey Lee

 Check out for more information!

**Food For Thought

  • Doughnuts have a debated history. One theory is that they were invented by Dutch settlers in North America who made balls of cake that were cooked in pork fat until golden brown. These treats were called olykoeks (oil cakes)
  • These cakes cooked faster on the outside than the inside and so the centre was uncooked when the outside was done. One solution was to stuff the centre with nuts, hence the name Doughnuts
  • To rectify the problem of an uncooked centre, an American ship Captain called Hansen Gregory punched a hole in the middle of the dough. This created the shape of donuts

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  1. Sinead Peris says:

    I remember the original kiosk since it opened and I used to get my dad to buy from there when I was a little girl. It is lovely to hear that the product has been developed further and moved with the times to accommodate new tastes.


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