Nice N Cheesy

So why “Nice N Cheesy”? “Because it makes you smile when you say it!”

And on the 8th day, God created the grilled cheese. And it was ridiculously good, so good in fact that if you Google comfort food, you can expect a mouth-watering image of bubbling fromage cascading over crispy bread, caramelising and forming salty crusty bits that are simply impossible to resist!

FACT: The grilled cheese (think cheese toastie if you’re Irish!) is one of life’s simplest pleasures. The sandwich itself is a masterpiece, 2 pieces of bread and whatever your heart desires right in between. But why settle for plain grilled cheese when you can have more? Hint: Do Not settle. Head to Nice N Cheesy and have the grilled cheese of your dreams!

Owner of Nice N Cheesy Lee Farrell (right) and Rob Fossett (left)

Meet Lee Farrell, owner of Ireland’s first purveyor of gourmet grilled cheese. An expert in the toastie department, Lee has succeeded in taking this classic to another level (think gooey, crispy, buttery and comforting in all the right ways!) Lee mentioned that he worked at the cheese counter in his local Supervalu when he was a teen, dare I say a potential influencer of his cheese loving tendencies?! During a trip to London Lee spotted the rise in popularity of the king of all foods – our beloved cheese. A few months ago Lee decided to pack in his 9 to 5 office job in a phone company and set up Nice N Cheesy food stall with his wife Kathy. All of their ingredients are locally sourced, which explains why that handmade sourdough made fresh every morning in Delgany and all their beautifully creamy cheeses sourced from farms in Wicklow and Cork taste so damn good! “My favourite thing about it, having the craic with the customers, oh, and the deadly food!”


Nice N Cheesy Market Stall

The food

A grilled cheese done right is a meal for all ages. As a kid you can’t wait to shove that glorious cocktail of textures into your mouth. As an adult, you can rest assured that this genius meal will offer the same delight!

Ballymaloe, cheese mix and crispy bacon


At Nice N Cheesy, I opted for a local favourite and watched the cheese expert at work. He brushes the tangy crusty sour dough bread with melted butter on the outside, this is crucial for a golden crust! He fills it to the brim with a blend of creamy cheese (a mixture is recommended for the perfect melt, flavour and stretch ratio) and presses it down with a weight so the bread and cheese fuse together into oozy deliciousness. Timing is key to getting the golden crispy top and molten melted center. A swipe of sweet Ballymaloe and add on of crispy salty bacon and the dish is complete. I can vouch that this perfectly crunchy, sensationally oozing, zingy grilled cheese is far too delicious to exist. And must be eaten. IMMEDIATELY.


Grilled cheese in action!

Try a few (or all) of the other items on the menu. You definitely won’t be sorry.

  • Wicklow & cork cheese & onion mix
  • Ballymaloe, cheese mix and crispy bacon
  • Goats cheese, honey, walnut and rosemary
  • Chorizo, jalapeno and cheese mix
  • Add jalapenos
  • Add crispy bacon (this goes without saying)


Market Menu

Insider Top Tip: Watch the cheese ooze together to your satisfaction and cry about how perfectly glorious and golden the sandwich is.

Grilled cheese sandwich

Where to find them: Nice N Cheesy are trading at Bushy Park Market on a Saturday and Herbert Park on a Sunday. Available for events too! Check out realpeople_realfood on instagram for more!

**Food for thought

  • Grilled cheese vs. toastie: A grilled cheese is bread buttered on the outside, cooked on a griddle or pan. A toastie is bread buttered on the inside and, as the name goes, toasted.
  • It’s the best thing since sliced bread! The invention of sliced bread and processed cheese in the 1920s catapulted the iconic sandwich to popularity in the US and it soon became a household staple.
  • Grilled cheese didn’t start out as a sandwich. When it rose to fame during WWII it only consisted of one slice of bread with cheese. It was only in the 1960s that the second piece was added to transform it into a true sandwich.
  • ¾ of people who purchase sliced cheese make a cheese toastie at least once a month. I can safely say that I might just exceed this stat from here on in.

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  1. Sinead Peris says:

    This made my mouth water. As a regular visitor to France I have seen and tasted cheeses the rest of the world could not imagine in their wildest of hungry dreams. This sambo purveyer is next on my list. I can almost smell the decadent oozy treat

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